Visit Cedar Park Lavender

Things To Do
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Want to experience a different side of Avoca Beach? Perhaps you should try and schedule a visit to Cedar Park Lavender. If you haven’t heard of it, Cedar Park Lavender is simply a popular lavender farm located in the beautiful Yarramalong Valley. This is the place to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of nature. What’s more entrance is free!

Enjoy the Fragrance of Lavender

Called the “Provence in the Yarramalong Valley” by a visitor from France, Cedar Park Lavender is simply a thrill to the senses. Stroll through the orderly rows of thousands of healthy and thriving lavender plants. Discover where the Park gets the oil that they distill during distilling seasons. When you’re done taking in the scents that have made Cedar Park Lavender memorable to thousands of visitors, you might want to head on to their bed of roses and take the time smelling those fragrant flowers as well.

It’s a treat to the senses, coming to visit the Park. Don’t miss out to avail of this chance to smell the wonders of local nature.

Enjoy the Garden

Love nature and love gardens? Well, you are definitely in for a treat. The park has a nearly two acre wide garden for you to explore. There are varieties of mature trees and flowering shrubs. Now, with nearly two acres of nature’s beauty to explore, any gardening enthusiast will definitely have a great time exploring the garden. This is also your chance to see the Wollemi Pine, a “living fossil” of a time gone by which is native and unique to Australia. The Wollemi Pine is a direct descendant of trees that lived 90 million years ago. How’s that for excitement?

Enjoy the Farm Tour

There’s a farm tour for groups, clubs or coaches. While booking and a minimum number of participants are essential to have a wonderful time, the charged tour that the Park provides is another way to enjoy nature. Know more about the place; learn about its secrets and successes. You will also be shown how the distillation of the lavender oil is done. You also get to receive a memento of your visit. Still, if it’s just you, you can call the Park in advance and see what they can do for you.

Enjoy the Skin Care Products

Visit the Cedar Park Lavender shop and purchase their skin care products. There moisturisers, face creams and balms, hand and body lotions. You can also purchase soaps and bubble baths as well as different lavender products such as: lavender lollies, lavender essential oil, pomanders, sachets, dried and stripped lavender and even lavender seedlings and plants. There are also decorated planter pots available for purchase as well as a Provencal style table linen, which is imported from Nice.

Another secret? This place is just a short drive from Avoca Beach. Just a 45-minute drive and you’re at the fabulous Cedar Park Lavender.