Avoca Beach Fishing & Central Coast Fishing

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Whether you are a professional angler or simply a hobbyist trying your hand at fishing, visiting the Avoca Beach may have been one of your best ideas yet since the Central Coast is renowned as a Fisherman’s Paradise. From rock and surf fishing along the beautiful coastline to fishing for your prize catch at the different lakes and rivers of the Central Coast, the opportunities to relax and lose yourself during your Avoca Beach fishing trip are as varied as they are enjoyable and you can all reach them from where you are staying at Avoca Beach.

Budgewoi Lake

Travel to Budgewoi Lake and you’re going to have Bream on your hook. If you want, you can even try out the spot near the Munmorah Power Station inlet. The warm water that the plant expels attracts bream in big numbers. And even if the lake roughs up, you can always go to the Wallarah Creek west of the lake. There are bream and luderick at the creek as well.

Forresters Beach

Tailor and bream are the main catch at Forresters Beach, but you can get snappers after a big swell. If you want to catch some whiting during your Avoca Beach fishing holiday, you can increase your chances of landing one by using the local bait of beach worm.

Lake Munmorah

Lake Munmorah, which is located at the northern end of the Coast, offers great fishing opportunities for bream, flathead and tailor. Like Budgewoi Lake, the prime spot here is near the plant, where you can land bream, luderick, tailor, trevally and long tom.

Norah Head

The rock platforms and gutters of Norah Head is the perfect place for some adventurous Avoca Beach fishing people to get tailor and tunas. Just below the lighthouse, the rocks and gutters attract tailor and tuna and even drummer, groper, snapper, rock and blackfish. And even if you fancy doing some outside fishing, there’s a boat ramp at the Cabbage Tree Harbour.

Tuggerah Lake

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your Avoca Beach fishing holiday, you can proceed to Chittaway Point of Tuggerah Lake. Here you will be able to catch bream, mullet, luderick and flathead. And just north of this is Canton Beach, which is a good spot for producing whiting, bream and flathead. The beach is also a great spot is you want to do some land-based angling.

The Entrance

At the other end of the spectrum, if you want do some drifting, you can go to The Entrance, which is the channel where the Tuggerah Lake system meets the Pacific Ocean. Here you can be able to drift for bream, flathead and whiting. If you want some larger flatheads, then it’s advisable to drift live baits west of the Pelican Island, since flatheads lie in wait at the edge of the channel for their prey. The northern beach is also a good spot for landing some whiting and tailor.

Wamberal Beach

The Wamberal Beach is the perfect spot to land tailor, bream and flathead. If you want some variety you can fish near the rocks at Wamberal Point, where rock blackfish, luderick, snapper and bream thrive. You can also land some large mulloway and tailor by the entrance to Wamberal Lagoon.