10 Best Central Coast Coffee Spots

The central coast coffee scene is filled with chic cafes, friendly baristas, and of course, great coffee. Whether you are out running errands in your own neighborhood, on a day trip, or simply passing through the area, you are never far from a coffee shop brewing up the perfect cup. Some of the best coffee […]

Cast Off! Food and Wine Festival

This year the Central Coast in Australia is holding one of the biggest food and drink festivals around the world. The party includes food demonstrations from some of Australia’s finest chefs, tasty plates from local restaurants, handcrafted wines and beers, and live music. Some of the chef attendees include Steve Hodges, Tony Bilson, Billy Law, […]

The Top Breakfast Spot in Avoca Beach

Visiting Avoca Beach? Don’t forget to grab an early morning breakfast at one of the best Avoca Beach cafes in the area – the Avoca Point Café. Enjoy a very special meal at this famous establishment and find out why visitors and guests keep coming back for more. What makes this café any different from […]

Rojo Rocket

Just in case its unique niche – serving Mexican cuisine in the Avoca Beach pocket of the Central Coast – wasn’t enough to separate Rojo Rocket form the rest, they added another unique twist. Need a ride home? No problem: Jump in the hearse. Yes, it’s a real hearse, an imported 1976 Cadillac Hearse, to […]

Visit the Bamboo Buddha

Looking for a quiet place to relax and have a quick bite? Then the Bamboo Buddha should definitely be your next stop. Affectionately known as a café oasis, the Bamboo Buddha is a quiet paradise amidst the busy and exciting Central Coast life. Operating as a boutique nursery, the Bamboo Buddha never fails to amaze […]

Experience the tastes of the Central Coast

Visiting Central Coast is as much about the fantastic food as it is about the beautiful sights and sounds, so prepare yourself on embarking on food tours and food tasting on your next visit to the Central Coast. There are tons of places that you can visit, but there are three Central Coast establishments that […]

Enjoy the Food & Wine of the Central Coast

Good food and an equally satisfying experience is never hard to find in the Central Coast simply because, not only is the Central Coast food delicious, the locations are fantastic as well. Here are just some of the best places serving delicious Central Coast food. If you have the time, make sure to visit any […]

Enter an Oasis of Calm at Bamboo Buddha

You probably want to spend your holiday at Avoca Beach to escaping the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. If you’re looking for relaxation, you probably should check out the most peaceful restaurant the Central Coast has to offer. That’s none other than the Bamboo Buddha. Find your inner peace at this great restaurant […]

Avoca Beach Restaurants

Fancy taking yourself on a gastronomical journey through the best Avoca Beach restaurants and Central Coast restaurants? Well, prepare your taste buds because going through the best that the Avoca Beach restaurants and Central Coast restaurants has to offer will be a trip to remember (and probably repeat on your next visit). Chopstix Avoca Beach […]

Fine Dining on the Central Coast: Bells of Killcare

Fine dining that combines Mediterranean cuisine and naturally grown vegetables is what you’ll encounter at Bells of Killcare. It will also probably be one of the best experiences that you will have in Central Coast. If you’re in the area, and would like to sample the best of the Central Coast restaurants then heading down […]