How to Get to Avoca Beach NSW

Getting to Avoca Beach, NSW is relatively easy. You can either get here by car, by bus, by train, by ferry or by air. Whichever mode of transport you decide to use to get to Avoca Beach, you’ll have a relaxing time getting here. Travelling by Car? You can drive to Avoca Beach by staring […]

Best Eats in Avoca Beach

Sure you’ve visited the beaches, explored the underwater shipwreck and had fun at the Avoca Markets. However, you’re visit to Avoca Beach, won’t be complete without first visiting the fabulous Avoca Beach restaurants and trying out their equally fabulous food. It’s no secret: the food is great in Avoca Beach. But if you’re still a […]

What’s On at Lizottes This Summer

Summer should be a time of rocking and rolling fun and Lizottes, Avoca Beach’s premier food and music place has prepared two months of great music and fun activities to keep everyone happy during the summer. And Lizottes is not a place that will disappoint since they’ve prepared a very diverse lineup which will surely […]

The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre Turns 60

The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre has just turned sixty years old last month and to celebrate the occasion, they decided take a trip down memory lane with the same people that have made them a success all these decades – the Avoca Beach community. Memories at the Avoca Beach Theatre Owner Norman Hunter, whose family […]

What’s On Central Coast – January & February

There are a lot of activities that you can do if you happen to find yourself in the area during the months of January and February. Whatever you fancy on doing, you can bet there’s something for you to celebrate and enjoy during the first two months of the year. What’s On Central Coast: January […]

The RA Girls Surf Show

On the 20th to 22nd January this year Copacabana and Macmasters Beach will play host to the Brian Hilton RA Girls Show – a female surfing contest like no other. The RA Girls Surf Show was created by two of the world’s best professional female surfers, Amee Donohoe and Rebecca Woods. Their aim was to […]

Things to do in Avoca Beach on the Weekend

Avoca Beach is the perfect place to get away from it all. It’s the perfect place to just kick back and relax but there are also tons of things to do if you are feeling active. From the Avoca Beach markets to the Avoca Beach Bowling Club, we bring you the best of  the best […]

The Central Coast & Avoca Beach: A Brief History

Home a few centuries before to coastal Guringai people and the Darkingung people, the Central Coast that you know today is a well-established and well developed part of New South Wales and is very famous for its wonderful surf. Central Coast History Explored by the first Europeans in March 1788, the Central Coast became home […]

Visit The Avoca Beach Markets

Great music and even greater food – that’s what the Avoca Markets is all about. If you’re looking for a great place to relax and enjoy yourself, every fourth Sunday of the month, you will be able to do just that. Whether you’re a musician, a foodie, or you’re simply on your morning walk and […]

Central Coast & Avoca Beach Real Estate Booms

The Central Coast is experiencing a huge spike in rentals as Sydney-siders make it their choice destination to spend their vacations and holidays. In fact, despite the slowdown of the international market, more Australians are spending their vacations locally, enjoying the sights and sounds of what our own backyard has to offer. For around two […]